Our Daily Sykes #397 – Singular and Backlit

The monolith standing like a startled golem in the canyon. It is so dumb that it will be attracted to something else by the time we drive by. After that, if it turns to follow us, the sun will be in its eyes and it will look away.

2 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #397 – Singular and Backlit”

  1. Still and all, one worries about the bumbling footfalls of such a giant. In passing so near this road takes incalculable risk. But I guess all the good ones do.

  2. Ordinarily these giants rest at night after dark. While they are not so bright as you and I, their sleep is more profound, and so it is safe to pass their way even with flash lights. Remembering that this scene is now at least 60 years past, the gravel road may by now be paved with two lanes. Speed is also sufficient. A motorist can simply fly by without stirring the thing at any time and in any light. With speeding motorcars the greater danger is to the little foxes that like to hang around these things and do lots of nipping for them. A few have been run over although only felt like a lane marker in the road and not seen. So it is reported.

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