Our Daily Sykes #426 – East Over Lummi Island From Orcas Island

We have in this Sykes sequence shown another look towards Bellingham and the Cascades from Mt. Constitution, the highest point in the San Juan archipelago. Here, near the bottom, the small islands in Rosario Strait seem longer and greener than I remember them in 1971 when I lived in a beach hut (with running water and electricity) on the west shore of Lummi Island and looked from there west to Orcas Island and over these small Island, which seem much more distant than they do here from a higher elevation - on the mountain - and also from a closer prospect (but not by much). The smaller islands are, left to right, Barnes Island, Clark Island (the longer one), Tree Island and The Sisters. Now I remember that I made a colored pencil drawing of what I saw from my window on a windy afternoon and - if I can find it - I'll attach it below. Bellingham is in this subject and its bay - just above Lummi, which runs across the middle of the scene. My home then was far right.
Colored pencil drawing made from my cabin on the west shore of Lummi Island during a stormy afternoon in the winter of 1971. The subject - Mt. Constituion on Orcas Island and the little islands between it and Lummi - may be "figured out."

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