Our Daily Sykes #436 – Temporarily Lost Butte

Since I am certain that I have seen this butte before during one of my Google Earth drives – probably through southeast Utah –  I have titled it the Temporarily Lost Butte, confident that I will find it again.   And yet I have just tried again and failed.  I looked mostly to the south of Moab, Utah.  That is where I imagined that I saw it earlier.  But now I have come upon so many buttes that resemble this one that my hide-and-seek is like confused by the sprite or hobgoblin or leprechan who has tied ribbons around every tree in the forest.  Still I will stay with “temporarily” and expect to come upon it again and learn its confident name.

One thought on “Our Daily Sykes #436 – Temporarily Lost Butte”

  1. It’s Factory Butte, near Capitol Reef National Park. And it has me rethinking my suggestion of Book Cliffs for one of the other slides — the colors and rock layers look very similar to this, so that photo may have been taken somewhere around here as well.

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