Our Daily Sykes #459 – The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Dec. 22, 1948

For Horace Sykes a rare city subject - the brand new Seattle Post-Intelligencer building got his attention. The P-I with its globe entered service for Seattle's oldest daily pulp in 1948 and remained here at 6th and Wall until 1988 when the Hearst vehicle moved nearer the shores of Elliott Bay and took its ball with it. (Here we will whisper "iconic.") As then suspected, it was the P-I's second big step to dissolution. The first was its "Joint Operating Agreement" with The Seattle Times. The JOL was launched in 1983 before the move. At the time persons working both at The Times and The P-I foresaw the failure of the P-I and wore special t-shirts lamenting their premonitions. And yet - to indulge a strict mixing of metaphors - it took a quarter-century for the folding to unfold. (Click to Enlarge)

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