Our Daily Sykes #464 – Dry Falls

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Dry Fall and a glimpse of Dry Fall Lake too.   The environs can be learned below from two of the thousands of recordings taken from the visitor’s interpretative center or near it.  A brief study below should find the features of the cliff that Horace Sykes shows above.  An alternative is penultimate to the bottom where Mrs. and Mr. Giezentanner pose for real photo postcard artist Ellis with some of the Dry Falls Park observation shelter showing on the left.  The Giezentanners are described as the caretakers and lecturers for the park.  The couple stands on a short bridge that leads to a monolith that is exposed and feels so.   That fenced prospect appears in Jean and my book “Washington Then and Now” on pages 144 and 145.  Below the Giezentanners is the billboard that for many years romanticized these rocks and imagined falls.   The natural interpretation of the place and its historical forces has changed some since the board was raised.  You may easily find contemporary interpretations using the net.   There is among them a documentary – with animations and working geologists – that about six years ago was shown on PBS.  I have lost the title.


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