Our Daily Sykes #470 – Snake River Bridge at Clarkston/Lewiston

As with Our Daily Sykes #468 Washington is on the left and Idaho on the right. The view looks north at the same subjects as #468 they are studied here from a distant prospect upstream from the bridge and with a telescopic lens. The river, of course, turns west (left) at the base of that ridge, and here the hill appears and feels like I remember it as a child. The serpentine highway that dropped from the wheat fields above to the twin cities below was a great excitement to descend. But not for Annie Grabbe who while visiting my parents from Grand Forks, North Dakota in about 1948 and joining us for a drive to Lewiston - for reasons I don't remember - she went shaking in the back seat next to me as we started the swerving drop to the river. She called it "car sickness" and I marveled at the very idea that such a ride could sicken anyone. By now however things have changed and I can get sick from driving exposed highways as well as Annie Crabbe. Rest in peace. Unlike for #468, this Sykes leaves the truer impression that highway department artifacts are rather puny by comparison with these elephantine hills. (Click to Enlarge)

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