Our Daily Sykes #475 – Mount Rainier from Lake Washington

Horace Sykes variation on that most popular Mt. Rainier theme - its set with Lake Washington - gives nearly as much attention to the sunset-reflecting lake as to the mountain. Was it the ducks that made him do it? (Click to Enlarge)

2 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #475 – Mount Rainier from Lake Washington”

  1. I love this picture. how do i purchase a poster of it to have shipped to me to have framed for a friend…

    1. Meshell, if I have that correct, Id prefer to send you the best scan I have made from the original (a Kodachrome slide) that you would then get printed for your framing. If that will do let me know. The price or charge is for you to decide. Jean and I have found that we get paid slightly better if we let the buyer decide than if we charge. It works out. Paul

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