Our Daily Sykes #488 – Not Jean's Reflecting Larch

Earlier today, Sunday, Jean and his family drove in a circles over Stevens, Blewett and Snoqualmie passes. It was not the first time for what is a growing autumnal tradition for the family. They out were looking for golden-yellow larches in higher elevations on the east side of the Cascades, and they, of course, found them. They took a dirt road off of Blewett pass and climbed until they reached snow, which they tested but soon thought worse for it and pulled back when the tires began to spin. Out of the car, they carefully climbed higher thru the snow and Jean, of course, too several photographs. But his is not one of them - although there are larches here. Rather this is, of course, another Horace Sykes slide, and also almost of course we know not where. Perhaps Jean will attach a few of his own larches on Monday morning. (Click to Enlarge and expect an impressionist effect. Horace was apparently focusing on the foreground. Jean's larches will be in focus - if and when he meets the "challenge.")

All righty then, Paul – here’s proof of our larch adventure – a 180 degree pan on the snowy dirt road above Blewett (my son Noel is on the left):

Click to enlarge - twice for full size

And for your viewing pleasure, a few more:


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