OUR DAILY SYKES #498 – Steptoe Butte

Steptoe Butte is a proper choice now to recall Horace Sykes' love for the Butte and its views and his frequent return to it. This is the third to the last of the 500 Sykes Kodachromes. Certainly our numbering is flawed for we have sometimes included more than one example of his photography on a given day. But for the sake of ceremony we will stand by 500 as the number of days we have given place to Sykes and his pictures. This view, I think, looks west toward the cascades which are not seen because of clouds. Steptoe Davis had a powerful telescope in an observatory on the roof of his hotel at the top of the Butte, and looking at Mt. Rainier and some other peaks was one of the thrills of climbing the butte to visit the hotel. Visitors from the Palouse might also have a chance to see their own farm, if it was not lost behind a fold in the rolling Palouse terrain.

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