Seattle Confidential – Freeway Park ca. 1975 (Brice Maryman writes and suggests that ca.1976 would be better. The park opened that year.)

This is, we think or confess, more Seattle exposed than confidential. From the early 60's well into the 1980's Frank Shaw explored the waterfront, the Central Business District, and the mountains hereabouts - he was a member of the Mountaineers - with his Hasselblad and results like this. Frank lived near Seattle Center and also recorded the building of the Seattle Center campus for Century 21. However, the examples that follow are not Frank's but Victor's - Victor Lygdman. (Click TWICE to Enlarge)
Hammering in Century 21 with grace and Forward Thrust. by Victor Lygdman
Breaking for lunch with the Coliseum to the rear. By Victor Lygdman
After work. by Victor Lygdman

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