HELIX Vol. 1, No. 3 – April 27, 1967

This week we have made it to the third issue of Helix.  (It shows a date – April 27, 1967. A few did not.)  Above is Ron Edge’s coloring of the Helix masthead we have chosen to represent this two-plus year project of putting up all the issues.  (Last week it was Ron’s brother Don who started this coloring.  We are looking for colorists – Photoshop artists to have a go with it.  Below is a link to download a blank Helix masthead for those who would like to try their hand at coloring one for use in future post.

Below is another commentary of my first reading of this issue – as with all the others – in 45 years.  So far in these rough and recorded remarks my time runs out – about ten minutes – before I get to the centerfold.  Let it be.

[audio:http://pauldorpat.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/helix-vol-1-no-3-s1.mp3|titles=Helix Vol. 1 No.3 s]


3 thoughts on “HELIX Vol. 1, No. 3 – April 27, 1967”

  1. Delicious! The Helix was mother’s milk to an entire generation. To me, the 60’s died when the last Helix rolled off the presses…a time of mourning. The Helix was a flash of day-glo technicolor lighting up a unique window of time in Seattle…a window that closed tight all too soon. Thanks for the resurrection. Wish your narration could be longer.

  2. I have that cover. I am just about sure it was me at the very first Human Be-In at Cowen Park. I was there with artist Eric Nelsen. I was 11 and he was 12. I lived a block away; my Norwegian father Paul Dietrichson was teaching existentialism of Kant and Kierkergard at UW. There was someone who made me that daisy chain and put it on my head and then someone who was drawing me. This is tor Dietrichson. For some of my music with world renowned musicians playing my music on my CDs such as Zakir Hussain go to http://www.tordietrichson.com The first band I was in was with Zakir and Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart in 1974-1976. We released one album of the Diga Rhythm Band and I played and recorded with Jerry Garcia and John Cippolina of Quicksilver at age 20. Then later I lived next door to Bear (AKA Owsley – RIP- from the acid days) and we were growing lots of weed in Fairfax California. Boy do I have some stories!!!

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