I'LL WRITE A LONGER LETTER LATER – Ephrata, Sequim, Seattle

Collector Drew Miller left three shoe boxes filled with “real photo postcards” of Washington State subjects long enough so that when he recently picked them up we hardly recognized each other.  It occurred to me – unfortunately late in the routine of scanning his cards – that when there are messages attached I should ordinarily scan those as well.  For instance, notice how sweet is the message for the top card below – a salmon pie left for Tressy and a cream colored casserole too.  Surely, these personal greetings and reflections are often revealing, or at least suggestive, of both the subjects and the writer.   And I imagined that if a large enough sample could be collected of both cards and their messages that an entertaining and often funny short film could be made of them.  (Share them if you have them and if you will.  Or make your own films.)  Here are three without comment from Miller’s cards.


How are the babies? Salmon pie for Tressy in the refrigerator cream colored casserole We are here just for a few minutes just 20 miles from Moses rather nice little town.  Love Frank & Merle xoxox  – Mr. and Mrs. Ned Hill, 10015 – 17th S.W. Seattle, WN – Postmark Ephrata Wash Oct. 12, 1943


Dear. W.A. – This is the H.S. of which my brother in law is principal.  Si was borne and raised on the Sequim prarie and is a wonderful person.  I have yet to hear anyone say an unkind word about him he’s one in a million. Sequim is noted for its nice people most of Jane’s and Si’s friends are farmers and nearly all of them have had some college education, they aren’t at all like I’ve always that farmers should be, their houses are modern and they dress so much like city folk you’d  never know they difference.  Love J.C.   – To Sgt. D.A. Peterson  McClosky Gen Hosp  Ward 31 A Temple Texas / Postmark: Sequim Wash, Jan 12, 1943


Pinkie – Just a line from Seattle to a pal.  Having a swell time.  Hate to go home but all good things must come to an end.  The weather is swell and not too hot.  Will be seeing you soon.  Mabel  – Mr. W.E. Lomax, 508 W. 9th St. c/o Acme Typewriter Co., Los Angeles 15, Calif. / Postmark Seattle Wash July 2, 1945

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