HELIX Vol. 1 No. 4 – MAY 16, 1967


This fourth issue is a maturing cache of our typical subjects, which did include, yes, war, drugs, sex and rock-and-roll.   Many of its parts are not signed – a frustration now – but within it appears new names that would become stalwarts of HELIX production, names we will recognize and thank, no doubt, down this 2&1/2 year line of putting up every issue and in order.   And I have found a few more negatives of that first Flower Potlatch Isness-In at Volunteer Park.  Once scanned I’ll attach them below.

An audio commentary is attached directly below.  The disciplined listener might want to illustrate the “sound track” by opening the pdf to the paper itself – first – giving HELIX time to materialize before punching the audio button.   The audio runs about ten minutes and then prudently adjourns until next week.

[audio:http://pauldorpat.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/01-04.mp3|titles=Helix Vol 1 No 4]

As noted above, we have scanned a few more scenes from the first Be-In at Volunteer Park, named, in part, the Potlatch Isness-In.

(Click to Enlarge – sometimes twice)

The grass on the big sloping lawn was just barely dry enough to sit on. Most people stood.
Buttons, beads, and God's-Eyes (she holds one in her hands) make us happy.
Several dancing snakes wound through the crowds.
Hoping, perhaps, for a jam.
A jam
Under the spread of the biggest tree on the lawn became - and perhaps already was - a traditonal spot for drum circles to jam.
Youth dress with care
Drum circle including beat with bongo and pipe.
Late that afternoon looking west toward the stage.
A band approaching the stage - most likely.
The Blues Interchange, on stage.
The Blues Interchange still on stage, and Gary Eagle and myself too (holding a flower) far left. I remember well that button-down sweater.
Back to the circle with an example of the hip mountain man style with strong chin - or rustic viking.
This big haired fellow was a mystery to me even then.

6 thoughts on “HELIX Vol. 1 No. 4 – MAY 16, 1967”

  1. The big haired guy is Jeff Simmons, from the band Easy Chair, later to join the mothers of invention

  2. Someone else identified the band approaching the stage – it seems – as members of The Chrome Circus.

  3. Yep, I was there! So Great to see ME ! There was Jerry Weedon in the drum circle.I am so looking forward to seeing this project all up. FANTASTIC!

  4. Was there, it’s great to see these photos. I will be following this project. My good friend Tony Lease was a Helix street vendor, we hung out on the lower ave as he peddled papers. Good work.

  5. That is, indeed, the correct ID for the band approaching the stage, just not the proper spelling which is the much more psychedelic “Crome Syrcus.” Had the pleasure or playing in bands with their keyboardist, Ted Shreffler (RIP), and the infamous Jeff Simmons after he was in the Mothers. Head-y times!

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