Unintended Effects – LOOK OUT BELOW!

Lifted from The Seattle Times, for June 11, 1941 (Click to Enlarge)

Lookout Below!

She who is dressed in leaves of two pieces –

Her’s is not a war-like race!

In spite of the being abused, we expect,

By invaders and compelled, at least,

To manufacture such “toys” against them.

But what has Buck added to “common”

When he describes as also “ordinary”

The blow-torch-like contraption

That she knows is a weapon but is afraid to use?


Buck, of course, is not afraid to test the thing

And stepping forward – but only after

The blond without a name stands back –

He presses the trigger and gets a blast

Of something he knows not what!

Is it a “whoosh” of flame, or smoke?

And what pop it shows at afar!!!

With such, Buck fears

He would not trust an army.


It is the sort of “strange toy”

That Scorchy Smith could have used

Five hundred years earlier

To make his escape – with the help

Moments before of Roya’s ruse –

Past the two armed men guarding

The plane – below in the last frame.

He shouts with a whisper “Look!”

To the unnamed blonde behind him.


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