HELIX Vol. 1 No. 10 – Sept. 1, 1967

Gracious, we have completed the first Volume of Helix and are heading for its first winter.  Sometime this week we also expect to put up a new Helix feature we are titling HELIX REDUX.  It will be numbered as well, and feature interviews, photographs, reminiscences, confessions, links, etc.  We hope to encourage you and yours to participate in this, by recording your own reflections and memories and interviews (too) about subjects related to Helix and its times.   In this we will – in some way – be making together another journal filled with oddly related features.  Bill White – Seattle critic, musician, novelist, poet, pundit of everything – will be the principal editor.  Bill was a mere teen with a hammer in the late 60s.  He helped construct the stage at the first Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair in 1968.  That is certainly a qualification.

Paul’s Comments

[audio:http://pauldorpat.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/01-10.mp3|titles=Helix Vol 1 No 10]


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