HELIX Vol. 2 No. 8 – January 4, 1968

The audio attached to this issue is “new and improved.”  Bill White, the editor of both the weekly audio and the Helix page on Facebook, interviews me about the issue, to more energetic effect.

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On the back cover of this odd issue – 12 pages with neither advertisements nor news – I discover that part of its art involves a snapshot line-up of the Helix staff – or a small part of it.  It was printed there in negative, so I “captured” it and inverted it to positive.  Still I cannot identify – yet – the three faces on the right.  Otherwise the row goes so: far left Joe Caine, I think.  Following Joe are Pat Churchill, Tim Harvey and either Billy Ward or Walter Crowley.  Bill thinks that it is more likely himself, for he thinks that Walt would not be inclined to lay his cheek against Tim’s shoulder.  Continuing: me (Dorpat), Inger Anne Hage – we lived together then –  George Geise (George worked at the P-I – like Ray Collins – and was a great and steadfast help in many ways,) Scott White,  and Jack Delay.  And then, as just noted, I don’t know – although the middle figure could be Bill Ward “again.”  Bill agrees that it could be him, although he thinks that the Billy far left – snuggling with Tim – is a more likely Bill.  Insights and/or corrections welcomed.

B. White questions P. Dorpat

[audio:http://edge-archive.com/audio/02-08.mp3|titles=Helix Vol 2 No 8]


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