HELIX Vol 3 No. 8, May 24, 1968

This week Bill White and I pause in our commentary on this most recent issue to call Thom Gunn for an elaboration on the “party” – he calls it – that followed his victory in the late spring of 1968 as the newest U.W. Student Body Prexy.  He called it “World War Three.” The school administration was not amused.  As you may recall,  and as Thom described on the phone from Whidbey Island, it was followed by World War Four.

Bill White is off to Peru on Thursday and there is no telling when he will return – if ever.  We will try, however, to find a Skype-aided way to continue these readings and comments together.  We will also put aside this piling-up of tabloids for a two week break, during which Bill will begin his new and second role on this blog as a travel writer and South American correspondent.  So next week no Helix but rather our first “on the road” with Bill  White – and on the train to Florida.  The following week Bill will be on a cruise ship that will take him from Florida to Lima, Peru.  His report will then will be on the sea.

B. White, T. Gunn and P. Dorpat




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