Fair and Festival – No.9: Boulevard West (of Boulevards of the World)

Much of where Second Avenue extends gently downhill from Thomas Street thru Harrison and on to Republican where it levels out preparing to soon climb Queen Anne Hill has been used by many Bumbershoots as a Food and Craft Way.   During Century 21 this stretch was called Boulevard West and much of it was sided by a colorful array of consumables and cosmopolitan exhibits with price tags squeezed into tight quarters.

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Looking north on Second Avenue aka Boulevard West of the Boulevards of the World at Century 21.
Fifty years later at Bumbershoot 2012 - still looking north on Second Ave. towards Harrison Street. (A Reminder: All the 'now' repeats in this fair/festival series were recorded by Jean, unless otherwise noted.)

Judging from the Space Needle's shadow, the unnamed photographer for this look west over the "Washington State Coliseum" into the Lower Queen Anne business district was an early bird visitor to the fair on a sunny day. Boulevard West runs through the scene from Thomas Street on the left to mid-block between Harrison and Republican on the right. On the left the shadow crosses what we called the Flag Plaza Pavilion not so long ago - until it was more recently replaced with the grander Fisher Pavilion. The fence at the left of the pavilion at the intersection of Thomas and Second Ave. reminds us that Century 21 was ticketed.


Leaning again on Ron Edge's superimposed map of Century 21 with a Space Shot from NASA, most likely, and using the Space Needle inspection inserted just above and some common sense we should all readily find the Boulevard of the West. It is also listed on the map's table - at the bottom - twice. The first listing "7" is misleading. Search for the second and generous last listing.

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