Fair and Festival – No. 10: Boulevard East (of Bouldevards of the World)

This No. 10 comparison on Boulevard East parallels the No. 9 on Boulevard West from yesterday.  Both of the unidentified photographers are looking north with their backs near Thomas, although nearer here than there.

The Armory/Food Circus/Center House on the right. (It is the big No. 11 on the map at the bottom.) The Armory was nearly a quarter-century old when it was renamed the Food Circus for the fair when it opened in 1962. It was modern enough to imagine in the twenty-first century - and it made it! As did we!! Two blocks north at Republican Street you will find the uplifting plywood creations of the Home of Living Light, the part of Century 21 that we touched with our No. 7.
Remember to CLICK TWICE to ENLARGE. Also, perhaps, consult Ron Edge's Double Exposure below: the helpful sandwich that superimposes a map of the '62 fair over a ca. 2007 vertical aerial of Seattle Center from space.


By now this should be nearly self-evident. We are standing near the southwest corner of the Food Circus - again, the big No. 11 - and looking north on Boulevard East to No. 22.