WE POST another colorless MASTHEAD without body as we continue to exercise our RIGHT to RECESS, and include NO NEW HELIX this week as we wait for BILL WHITE to reach his PARAMOUR IN PERU before continuing our weekly commentaries on FRESH ISSUES OF HELIX via SKYPE – or something else that is cheap as well.

For DIVERSION we post now a BILL OF BILLS – SIX BILLS with (unidentified) WOMEN.   One of these pairs includes our Bill who is now still on the Caribbean with hundreds of tourists heading for Panama and the passage there from the Old World into the New – so FITTING for our Bill.    The remaining Bills are a mix pulled from our growing horde of scans.  We may hint at their identities.   Some will still know themselves.

Bill on Pike Place with an artist whose last name is the Ocean to which Bill is steaming.
Bill with his Bride and very near Ballard
Our Bill at Bumbershoot with Julie "the torch."
Bill with someone's bad eye
Bill and his Stigmata
Blonde on Blonde recently moved to the foothills east of Sacramento.


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