HELIX REDUX & RELAX continue – Bill While has arrived in his New World

Bill has arrived in Peru. Ron is back to scanning the issues and will have the next Helix in line and it is expected soon. First, however, we will put up a True Confession and or Sentimental Sea Shanty from Bill recalling his trip by cruise ship nearly straight south from Florida to Peru but with a necessary jog through the Panama canal. His letter will include a video of his passage through the canal and, we expect, more photographs of his trip by Sea. (The story of his train trip from Seattle to Florida may come later. Hope so, for I like traveling in trains and their tales too.) Meanwhile for the Helix routine to resume we must also wait while we figure out how to make Skype work between here and Lima. And that is the sum of it - until we put up Bill's Caribbean Shanty and soon.

This most recent record of the old Helix was record last Oct. 29, and may be compared to one below it from 2008, and then another from the 1970s.  At the bottom the door is open, but to the first Helix office, which was in the University District on Roosevelt Way and a half-block north of 45th Street..

Below: While I recall the faces and beards of the two on the left at the Helix front door on Harvard Ave., I no longer remember their names.  But to the right are Pat Churchill and Tim Harvey.  Both contributed to the paper.  Tim handled the UPS and LNS selections and edits and also did some of the best reporting for the paper, as well as drama reviews.  In our recorded remarks Bill White and I have referred to Tim’s writing often enough.  Rereading Tim I wish that I could indicated somehow my admiration.  He may still be in Maine but I’ve not found him as yet.   I remember that both Pat and Tim often had a cup of coffee in one hand and sometimes a smoke in the other. As did I and almost everybody in the smoke-filled office. But at that time we were eternal.


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