BILL WHITE'S JOURNEY TO A NEW WORLD: Part Three – Transiting the Panama Canal on a Drunken Boat

We begin the second part of our journey by transiting the Panama Canal in a Drunken Boat:

Panama City Rising From the Jungle
The Bridge of the Americas connecting the Continents
Plundering the Sea at Manta, Equador

It is Tuesday morning, we are docked in Manta, Ecuador, and I don’t feel like going on a shopping trip here anymore than I did in the San Blas islands. Transiting the Panama Canal was the trip highlight, and I spent yesterday editing the footage I shot of it into a 5 1/2 minute movie that, I admit, looked better to me yesterday than it seems to me today.  It’s not bad, though, and I shall probably look back at it with fondness, not only for remembering the thrill of the sights, but for the comical memory of all the mistakes made when I first attempted to shoot moving pictures with the Kodak camera given me by Paul.


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