HELIX Vol.4 No.2 July 18, 1968

We return to our postings of – if you have forgotten – the Seattle-based tabloid HELIX, which was originally published on newsprint between the budding seasons of 1967 and 70.   With this issue Number 2 from Volume 4 we reach the mid-summer excitements of 1968.  We were – surprisingly to this reader – still a bi-weekly then.  (Surely, we will become a weekly soon.)  Our haphazard insertions – as of late we have not made weekly those weekly offerings as originally hoped  – are the result of working from two continents, although both are in the Western Hemisphere.  During this audio commentary you will sometimes hear a not displeasing percussive sound behind the conversation.  It comes from street work outside Bill and Kel’s apartment in Lima, Peru.  The conversation between Bill and myself was dropped toward the very end  for a short while providing a sonar like intermission. By now Bill has Vol. 4 No. 3 already in hand which was done on Ron’s new* oversize scanner, and so the work of recording/scanning the pages has been made easier for him and the results are somewhat clearer for all of us.  (*It may be not new but used.  Ron has a profound knack for finding his technology in thrift stores. While this is good for the environment it is not so swell for the gross national product, and that. we know, is an old conflict.)

B.White and P. Dorpat

[audio:http://edge-archive.com/audio/04-02.mp3|titles=HelixVol 4 No 2]


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