HELIX – Vol. 4, No. 8, (late September, 1968)

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We learn in this issue that it is the last of our bi-weekly offerings.  After this we went weekly until the end.  We surely felt confident.  Here again, although thousands of miles apart, Bill White and I read an issue together with the generous help of Skype.  These edited versions are shorter than the time we took and recorded, but still even with Bill’s pruning we do ramble and sometimes stumble.  Each trip (issue) we discuss is, however, certainly instructive, and considerably more than smoldering nostalgia for our lost youth.  Well I should speak for myself, for Bill, much my junior, is still living lucky and in his prime.  Thanks – repeated – to Ron Edge for doing the scanning.   It certainly suites his assiduous side, and boundless love for old publications.  [If you have any old regional papers – really old – please consider sharing them with Ron.  He’ll make a disk for you, Id’ bet.]

B.White and P. Dorpat

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  1. Sorting through my old stuff I found an old Helix (vol. 1, no. 3, dated May 4, 1967 – the full color edition). Haven’t surfed through your archive, but if you don’t have this issue, please contact me.

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