The Pope in Paris

Sent today, another hot scoop and visual feast from our intrepid and inspired Parisienne:

We were waiting for the Pope for two days, no cars parked in the street, so many cops around, no shops opened around rue de Poissy …

And suddenly this morning, after canceling an appointment with a printer, and explaining to him that he could never make it to me because of traffic jams and the metro stations being closed, I decided just to live the event : “the pope’s visit”.

I paid a visit to my friends who own the hotel Familia rue des Ecoles just in front of the rue de Poissy. They feel so fine since the grand opening of the College des bernardins; the musicians playing there are staying at the hotel along with many visitors too. They invited me to come to room 53 and photograph.

(click on photos to enlarge)

In the adjoining rooms, my neighbors were also interested in the pope:

Marvelous Sylvie who, with her husband, owns the Familia and Minerva hotels:

The pope arrives but he is so far away. We feel so disappointed.

I went down to street level. If I could just find a little place along the Quai from the college des bernardins to Notre Dame, I imagined it might be my only chance to see the pope.

What a thrill!

Of course, I was new in the crowd and was surprised when everyone began screaming in rhythm “Benedetto…Benedetto!” as they call Benoit XVI. It was a very happy time anyway.

5 thoughts on “The Pope in Paris”

  1. Dear Berangere,
    I’ve redirected this comment to appear in the main “body” of this blog. So look for it there. It is titled, something like, “The Post, Paris and Paradise.”

  2. Bonjour Berangere and Paul:

    Just wanted to let you know the book on Private Clubs just went to the publisher and I am starting a children’s etiquette book with another co-author. Also I am Celeste from the Woman’s Century Club not Bend. Paul you spoke at the club last year. I would attach a photo but don’t know how to accomplish that here. I love this blog and now with the addition of Berangere it is just the best!

  3. Berangere,

    Thanks for sharing I really liked how you wrote about your adventure on the day of the Pope’s Paris visit because I felt as if I were along from the start. First what was to be a business day, then the possibility of actually seeing the pope, next the disappointment of being to far from him, finally, as I scrolled down, the unexpected excitement of seeing how near to him you finally were. Thanks for putting your reader/viewer “in the moment” with you. This was a fun start to my afternoon. I am excited by having seen the Pope through your lens. Much obliged.


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