The fair of Varaignes

For the first time of my life I went to the annual fair of cocks or turkeys in Varaignes in Périgord which is every 11th of November.

This little village of Périgord is in fact the capital of cocks. Every farmer brings  the most beautiful animals which are lead to the village with guards in traditional suits, members of the “confrérie du dindon”, who meet some others members  of the “confrérie of volailles” ( poultry) in  Licques North of France, they go though the market like stars ( a little festival of Cannes). This fair is very popular, it is true  we forget famine, here begins a giant banquet dressed for at least 700 persons.

The atmosphere was  marvelous, out of time !  I noticed they were selling original clogs, berets and charentaises, some traditional food like kilometers of boudins,  well a little bit trash for Paul.

I thought of my grand-father who was used to go to these fairs and was bringing back food, presents, cloths he could find before we invented the supermarket.

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