The show went on!

For several dozen hearty souls who made their way to the 4th Floor Chapel of the Good Shepherd Center, UP THE DOWN CHIMNEY went forward as planned!

A special thanks to Stu Dempster, who brung the trombone and supplied us with his usual joy and genius.

Here’s a photo taken from above by our sound/light mastermind David Verkade (that’s Paul pontificating in his now-famous Santa suit):

(repeat click on photos to enlarge)


And before the show, I cracked the windows looking west and, a bit later, east across Wallingford.



One thought on “The show went on!”

  1. What beautiful photos and what a beautiful space. I was so looking forward to being there, but could not escape the frozen Ballard tundra. Thanks for sharing a moment of the enchantment with those of us who could’t make it.

    Happy holidays, one and all!

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