Paris’s Hôtel de Sully Restoration – An Update

The Hôtel de Sully under restoration

(A few weeks ago, photographer Bérangère Lomont sent us a remarkable photo essay from Paris detailing the first steps in bringing this architectural and artistic treasure back to life.  Now she returns to chart the progress of the ongoing restoration in the Marais. Her update, first in English, then in French:)

I really love this phase of the restoration – the following photos illustrate its progress.

J’aime beaucoup ce moment de la restauration, ces photos montrent vraiment  son évolution.


In this picture, you may notice the varnish has been removed, the colors are fresher, it is marvelous to discover the painting!

Sur la première image, on peut remarquer , que le vernis a été enlevé , et les couleurs  sont fraiches, c’est merveilleux de découvrir la peinture !


We recover the original painting. Below, see the marvelous restorers in action.

On retrouve la peinture originale. Voici les restaurateurs en action, magnifiques aussi.


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