"Forever Amber"

Will someone please respond with a review of “Forever Amber,” the film listed on the old Colonial Marquee.  (Click to enlarge.) This holiday recording was done by Seattle Camera Club member Horace Sykes on Dec. 22, 1949.  For the freshest among you, it looks north on 4th Avenue from Pike Street when passenger railroad service was still profitable for the old trans-continentals.  Note the illuminated signs.  Does anyone remember Gasco?  Some happy day we will put up a few score of Sykes recordings taken from his many camera adventures in the west, which prove that this orchid enthusiast was a master of the picturesque and knew how to compose a picture.


5 thoughts on “"Forever Amber"”

  1. i just put a hold on “forever amber” at the library, and will post a review after seeing it.

  2. Something more Bill. While you are at it how about writing something about your visiting the theatre as a lad spending an entire day at thriple-feature theatres like the Embassy. You did include the Embassy – I assume.

  3. Ben
    I have been so long away from Georgetown that the hand-warming kitsch of it all has gone cool on me, and so if ever I knew it I can no longer remember any Gasco Service Station (you mean?) on S. Michigan. I at least read that there is a lot of art-fuss in those environs and I remember fondly how both Capitol Hill and the Denny Regrade were so in the 1970s. In the mid-1970s, for instance, I helped organize a week-long festival on the hill called CHAOS, for Capitol Hill Arts on Show. Back in Georgetown – I do miss Tim O’Brian the scholar-educator-heritage-activist who I’m confident knew more about Georgetown history than anyone. He died about eight years ago mercifully only after attending his daughter’s wedding in Europe. Tim led the “We Were First” struggle that promoted with large demonstrations the fact that the pioneer farmers in and around the future Georgetown were in place (for a few days) before the Denny Party landed at Alki Point. If I knew how to insert a picture of Tim in this response about Georgetown Gas I would.

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