Our Daily Sykes #103 – From Bertona Street

The Sykes home in Magnolia was wonderfully set near the water end of Bertona Street off Perkins Lane.  From there Horace Sykes took several slides of this gesturing cloud as it moved across Puget Sound at sunset.  He looks to the southwest.  At its far end the cloud turns or curls slightly to “point” towards the two young mountains named Ellinor and Washington by the federal surveyor George Davidson.   They are about 40 miles from Horace. Ellinor was the name of the surveyor’s boss’ younger daughter and Constance – a grander peak north and west of Washington and not showing here – was an older daughter.  The sisters had two Brothers who have also skipped out on this recording.  If the weather is fair and warm and one is fit, then Ellinor is a mountain to climb without much danger of falling off it, although the route is steep and one may expect to be greeted near the top by mountain goats.  There’s a path – of sorts. (Click to Enlarge)

John Sundsten’s log cabin on Hood Canal – near Alderbrook Resort – looks northwest to Ellinor and Washington, which are about 15 miles away.  John shot the view below from his porch – or near it.  Ellinor is on the left and Washington on the right.  You have seen them many times – the last of the craggy peaks, at the southern end of the Olympic screen (or curtain)  as seen from Seattle.  The face of Ellinor seen here, the eastern side, is the route for reaching the top if it is clear of snow. John says this is from the winter of 2008.

In Sykes view are three nubs or hillocks to the left of Ellinor-Washington.  They are much closer to Horace – about 15 miles.   The one on the right is Green Mountain, and the one in the middle, Gold  Mountain.  Both have addresses in Bremerton.  Gold is also home for two radio towers – KCPQ and KTMW – Fox and Trinity respectively – where free speech is being radiated  and tested around the clock.

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