Van De Kamp's at Mercer and Queen Anne Ave.

Concerning your request for 60s - 70s views of Queen Anne and Magnolia, Lou Gopal, I fear I have overshot and landed in the late 30s or early 40s. But sill Lower Queen Anne it is and isn't the Van de Kamp's windmill quaint. This industrial-sized baker did the most to give the intimate small bakery feel to its mass-produced goodies with windmills around town and women dressed the part with aprons and such. I'll keep an eye out Lou. This slide is most likely by Bradley and yet it may also be a Gowey or even a Sykes. It is not attributed, but came to me bundled with the Sykes collection a quarter-century ago. (Click to Enlarge)

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  1. I tell people that stop signs used to be yellow with black lettering and they just look at me, mouths agape. Okay, I don’t do that, but if I did, they would.

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