2 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #130 – Small Sky Without Clouds”

  1. At first I saw this as looking up a hill toward the sky, but it only took me a moment to realize that Sykes must have found — and it would be him, wouldn’t it — the edge of the world. This is a level shot, I see now, and the blue is just what’s there at the end of all horizons. Are these the tracks of those who having driven to the the brink put it in reverse and backed respectfully away or those who Thelma-and-Louised it over the final precipice?

  2. It is enough to unsettle anyone, but it took you and your topographic-knack to point it out. He was holding the camera down! And this scene like that chilled on with Daily Sykes #129 confesses to special lighting – here a Cecil B. DeMille wall of barn door fixtures from the right. Now go out and repeat it, if you dare. [(I mean repeat the effect and not, of course, the place. The latter, if you could find it, would be too dangerous for words – like sirens on the Isl. of Vertigo. I leave it there. This theatre is not for everyone. Without the parenthetical marks to hold them, these last remarks would be too frightening for some to endure.)]

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