Our Daily Sykes #129 – Winter Backdrop For Matt

Another strangely set - and lighted - Sykes. This one for Matt. The blue-gray light above the frosted pines painted like the back of a stage, and the landscape carefully arranged before it piece by piece. The ice bounces the light about but it begins from a back stage source behind a curtain on the left - somewhere in the Okanogan, perhaps. A Midwinter Night's Dream playing at the Republic Repertoire. Center stage a rock, a mound, and a stump make a motionless performance: a tableau vivant. The Omak Players. It also reminds me of some of the late paintings by Charles Burchfield. (CLICK to ENLARGE)
Charles Burchfield "example"

One thought on “Our Daily Sykes #129 – Winter Backdrop For Matt”

  1. This is unreal! Or infrareal, or something. Upon first glimpse I thought this was a model railroad scene, and my eye keeps scanning for plastic cattle among the trees. Your description of a stage set with artificial lighting is very evocative. Never heard (or saw) of Burchfield before, but I see the connection.

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