Our Daily Sykes #139 – Cows and Flowers

Another unidentified Sykes, and another Sykes with flowers in the foreground. Neither are the cows new although neither are they commonplace for Horace. [Click to Enlarge]

2 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #139 – Cows and Flowers”

  1. In reference to the news article about ferry boats coming to Puget Sound from the SF Bay Area after the bridges were built,

    The sister steamer ferry boat to the San Mateo, the Shasta, also came here, but was part of the fleet for a shorter time time than the San Mateo. They both retained their Bay Area names.

    The then burned out ferry Perlata came from San Francisco to Puget Sound in 1935 & was rebuilt as the infamous Kalakala.

    The old Chippewa, built in Toledo OH in 1900 & named after a Lake Superior Indian Tribe, retained it’s name when it came to Puget Sound in 1907 & was in service until 1964.

    Reference, “The Ferry Story” by Michael Skalley published in 1883.

    John Gowdy

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