Our Daily Sykes #138 – Sea Lion Cave Skylight

"Click to Enlarge" This, I believe, is the Oregon Coast's tourist lure, the Sea Lion Caves seen from above. It explains why the caves and its seals when seen from a protected platform in the cave (reached by elevator) do not require artificial lighting during the day. There is this large hole in the "roof." (My disclaimer is that I have never visited these caves. My father who generally loved the assigned attractions of vacations for some inscrubable reason thought this one not worthy of Dorpats on tour.)

One thought on “Our Daily Sykes #138 – Sea Lion Cave Skylight”

  1. It’s not for the faint of heart, or the faint of nose to be more specific. Seals in a cave stink! The “visitor center” there has postcard where you see seals on the shore of the cave, with orcas patrolling, very neat (never seen them myself though, the orcas).

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