A Dexter Horton Addendum – A Few Other Pioneer Banks (for comparison) & Two Youngbloods with Friends (looking like a posing band) on the Steps of Beck's Bank in Conway.

Dexter Horton Bank, northwest corner of Washington St. and Commercial St. (First Ave. S.) before the June 6, 1889 "Great Fire." (CLICK TO ENLARGE - Sometimes Twice)
And again again, nearly the same point of view and following the "great fire" that razed about 30 city blocks on June 6, 1889.
The Maynard Building in 1994, a century after it took the place of the pioneer Dexter Horton Bank Building.
A page from the Feb. 25, 1906 Seattle Times "jubilee special." The Maynard building is at the bottom left corner when it was still named, like its predecessor there, the Dexter Horton bldg.
Another page from the 1906 Times Jubilee special, this one showing a few Seattle banks. Dexter Horton is printed at the center of the montage.


BANK OF CHENEY, then. This comparison can be found in Jean and my book "Washington Then and Now." We intend, at least, to put the entire book up on this blog within the year. (Courtesy,
Cheney bank NOW. Actually a very hot summer day in 2005.
South Bend Bank, Interior
WAPATO BANK, then (This too appears in the book "Washington Then and Now.")
WAPATO BANK now, with Howard Lev visiting from Seattle to study the progress of his Yakima Valley goat horn peppers for processing into his Mama Lil's condiment. The second person is not identified.
CONWAY BANK - An old one but no longer a bank with cash deposits or lending policy here. This view was snapped by me, I think, either in 1970 or 71 on a trip with the band The Youngbloods from Seattle to Bellingham where they were expected to play that night at WWSU - and did. The Conway Bank was by then Beck's Bank, the home of sculptor Larry Beck, seen here crouching on the bottom step with the pill-box hat, sort of. The camera that recorded this snapshot was probably Fred Bauer's. He holds a Shazzam pose on the left. Fred is an old friend and superb artist. He has been "gone" to California for nearly 40 years exploring ancient forests and raising exotic birds. His brother John is behind him. John's art is furniture - lavish furniture - and wood sculpture. The other of the Memphis Bauer boys is Joe who is front center and smiling. Joe was the band's drummer. The poser with the big black hair is Banana, guitar, piano and much else. I do not know the man behind him (interrupt: Ed Garrett writes with a comment - below - that the standing man behind Banana is a new band member named Michaeki Kane.) nor the woman leaning at the top of the steps, although I do have a faint memory of her costume and her hair. Next to her is artist Charles Larry Heald, who after moving to California - eventually near Fred in Humbolt County - is now back living in the Skagit Valley and painting. Larry is one of the three celebrated Heald brothers - all artists. All were part of Helix, the local tabloid of the late 60s. The oldest brother Maury is past. Paul Heald has a studio in Columbia City, here in Seattle. Beck's Bank was a favorite stop for many when traveling between Seattle and Bellingham. For me that was in the early 1970s. I forgot the figure at the center in the big fur cap. I don't recognize him, but would he recognize himself? Much is hidden. (And now much more is revealed with Larry Heald's comments on this slide - in the "comments section" below, I presume. )
A silly repeat of Fred Bauer's Shazzam pose - from memory. I posed and Jean took it when we were headed for Bellingham in 2005 either to take shots for the book "Washington Then and Now" or to lecture - or both. (Jean also took the repeats for the Cheney and Wapato banks above.) By then Larry Beck was long gone both from his bank and from this mortal coil or veil of tears or human comedy. Larry - Lawrence - died in the spring of 1994, and his passing was noted with a great wake at Golden Gardens. Part Alaskan native his ashes were distributed in Puget Sound - and delivered there ceremonially by a very long and large dugout canoe moved by many paddles and much chanting. Larry "left his mark" on that place with a piece of permanent art at Golden Gardens, 12 feet of steel and named Atala Kivlicktwok Okitun Dukik, "The Golden Money Moon." (Look it up.)
Inside Beck's Bank in Conway but on another occasion in the early 70s. Again Fred Bauer's camera most likely and this time he made the recording too. Larry Beck is up in his loft, and his Skagit Valley neighbor and friend the painter Larry Heald is seated on the couch on the left.

12 thoughts on “A Dexter Horton Addendum – A Few Other Pioneer Banks (for comparison) & Two Youngbloods with Friends (looking like a posing band) on the Steps of Beck's Bank in Conway.”

  1. Paul,

    In the photo of the Conway Bank I think the person behind Banana is Michaekl Kane who joined the Youngbloods in 1971. There is a good photo of him on the “Good and Dusty” album cover.

  2. Hey Paul,

    I think the figure with the big fir hat is Gertrude Pacific, Larry Beck’s wife. She appears to be conversing with Pluto the dog. I was living in the basement of the bank at the time Ed is right, that’s Michael Kane the base player. The lady at the top, I believe is Hannah Garrett, my former sister-in-law and at that time was John’s partner.Those were some wonderful times.


  3. Dear Larry
    Thanks both for writing an adding the names. I now wonder if I was even there. Fred sometimes sent me slides that would interest me. Perhaps this is one of those and not something I “took” but forgot much about. For instance you mention Gertrude in the big fir hat. This is what made me first wonder if I know anything directly about this scene. Do you remember perhaps who might have taken the photograph? Do I have a glimmer of a chance of having been there? I know I was certainly in Bellingham for the concert and much other fun. But was I at the bank this time? In three weeks we will begin to put up a “weekly Helix” on this blog, starting with No. 1. There’s about three years worth. So among much else your reflective art and wit will start showing up here. We are hoping to get those who were involved looking at these issues and reflecting directly on what they remember about its production. And meaning.
    Keep painting.
    I do remember Hannah.

  4. I have no idea who took to picture. Maybe Marylin who had the junk store across the street, Fred set her up maybe. I remember the troop coming through, I think they were headed to Vancouver as well. Don’t remember if you were at the Bank or not. Could be you behind the camera. That was the Bellingham concert that my second wife and I first held hands. No kidding. Remind me when the Helix revival begins. I look forward to it.

  5. Larry
    Our identities are twisting. Here’s Fred “Shazzam” Bauer’s claims for the cameraperson. He sent this last week. “That shot was taken by Trudy with my camera. She was lying in the street working on her VW Bug and I asked her to pop one for us. I will be getting a scanner and get to scanning this winter.” So Fred who has some authority in this for it was his camera – and his narrative is detailed too – takes your Gertrude Pacific, AKA Trudy, and puts her out from under the big fur cap and under her VW in the street. Surely it is all clear to you now.

  6. Paul,
    Ha! After an exchange with Fred, he agrees that’s Trudi in the hat. He mixed it up with another trip and has no idea who took the picture. Just goes to show we’re a bunch of old geezers with scrambled memories. Details differ, but the jist of those days shines bright.

    1. Then I have – with the slide in my collection – some right of self-deception (one of our primary human rights) to claim the snap, although upon reflection I have no memories of the event – just of the slide, which Fred probably sent to me, as he sometimes did. Next, I will begin to wonder if I made it to the concert. And did I drive the Youngbloods down Chuckanut Drive to Oyster Creek the next day. Or was that Country Joe and the Fish – only. I remember Joe accidentally forced a road service truck to hit one of those protruding rocks on Chuckanut – not directly but with the bed at the rear end – when we passed going south and it north on the drive. On such a narrow precarious highway Joe could not turn around to say he was sorry, although he did accelerate suggesting that he hoped to find a turn around and do it anyway. Or make a more confident escape. Perhaps there is a Youngbloods chronology that will give us the Bellingham dates. Or outstanding warrants. Anyone?

  7. Hello,
    I enjoyed your information on the Dexter Horton Bank and buildings in Seattle. I am looking for photos of Dexter Horton to frame and hand in my home. I was hoping you would know how to help.


  8. Hi… I don’t know if you check this anymore or not but thought I would give it a shot. I have a rather large painting by Gertrude Pacific (Larry Beck’s wife) in my possession that I am trying to find out more about. Do you have any suggestions for finding additional information? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. – Nikki Mackey

  9. Hi…I’m one of Larry Beck’s sons. I’ve never seen those pictures of the bank. I would love to get copies and/or view some more.

    Thanks very much – Nik Beck

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