Our Daily Sykes #154 – A Kind of Sykes Set

While Horace could not manufacture his clouds he could choose and compose his subjects according to motifs – his motifs.  Here he gives us what seems also like a Sykes Set. The best of this is the lovely mix of rocks and grasses and bushes. That on the right is both delicate and monumental.  And there, typically, is his winding road ascending to the horizon, and the “flowering” plant – often a bush or tree – in the foreground, ordinarily to one side.  Here it is the shining decay of a tree in autumn. And far left is a skirt of green.  But all of it is sill not identified. Perhaps photographers who do not identify their subjects are more likely to be confident of their own – identity.  They act in favor of moving silently through the connotations of their subjects, following the contours like a winding road. 

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