Edinburgh, August 2010

Gerry snacks atop 'Arthur's Seat'

This year I visited a friend of many years, Gerry Murray, who lives near Glasgow, Scotland. Gerry and I spent a couple days at the Edinburgh Fringe (which I’ll write more about soon) and one evening, heading back to catch a train, I turned and snapped the following photo of the city emerging from a cloud bank:

Edinburgh during the Fringe

It’s a part of a larger panorama, which you can examine in greater detail by clicking on twice:

Click to enlarge - 2MB photo

3 thoughts on “Edinburgh, August 2010”

  1. Jean
    I have given quite a hunk of time to studying your grand panorama and I have learned a lot. Except for time, I am tempted to make a schematic version – outline of the buildings – and name them. What is part of the delight of study is that up on that hill and behind those imposing buildings is a grand street littered with these and other landmarks, one of the grand European ways.

  2. Hi – I hope you dont mind but I have printed off a cropped copy of this photograph to use as a backscene on my Edinburgh themed model railway layout, just in case you spot it in the background on any photographs on Flickr

  3. Hi Paul,

    Love this shot! Would you consider allowing it to be used as a website banner for an Edinburgh based company? I’m the designer and spotted this image online – it is perfect for what we need.

    Many thanks

    ~ Jo

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