Addendum: Chuckanut Drive & The Thrilling Everett-Bellingham Interurban Trestle Below It.

Looking south on Chuckanut Drive, this elevated prospect (from a roadside rock) reveals a portion of the equally "thrilling interurban trestle" below it.

Jean have you anything to add to this – perhaps the now-then of this same scene (sans the trestle) that we included in our book Washington Then and Now?

Of course, Paul.  Give me just a moment to track them down……

This location was a puzzle on my first pass down Chuckanut. The first real clue was provided by the elevation of the original photographer. A large boulder, now surrounded by trees, provided an obvious potential perch.  But the tree cover obscured the bay below. Proof positive was the pull-out, center-left in all three photos, just before the road curves away.

I include, for curious viewers, the original perspective atop the boulder (I used a ladder and pole to replicate the view without the trees in front):

Tree-blocked view
Hardling a clipping, but Ron Edge sent it and it may be off his wall. A framed version of the top Chuckanut Drive record (or one very much like it) with the artist identified. But did the signed Engberg both photograph the scene from the rock and hand color it? Don't know. Ron might?
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    1. I have a very similar hand-tinted photograph. Lighter colors, signed the same and framed in a batwing frame, also. On the back a sticker reads “Engberg’s Pharmacy, Cor. Elk and Holly, Bellingham, Washington.”

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