A Dumbfounding Addendum to the Addendum – Sandison's Mysterious Version

Jean and Ron and all the schleps that see, here is something to ponder: the celebrated Bellingham recorder, J. Wilbur Sandison’s version of that same stretch on Chuckanut Drive that we published together directly below this addendum.   I think it is Sandison who stood on the rock that Jean climbed and bushwhacked to the top and not Jukes, another productive Bellingham photographer who recorded the version that we used in “Washington Then and Now.” (Or does the rock sprawl?)   Study the limbs and power poles, count the fence posts, consider the near-by curve in the highway.  What do you think?

Compare Sandison's Chuckanut with Juke's (two subjects below,) and conclude, if you will, which of the two Bellingham photographer's stood on Jean's rock.

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