Our Daily Sykes #197 – Either Anne or Elizabeth

(click TWICE to enlarge) After studying the steamer's three stocky stacks and their distance from the bow I have guardedly concluded that this is either S.S. Princess Joan or her sister ship the S.S.Princess Elizabeth, on the daily cruise between Vancouver and Victoria British Columbia. However, this does not explain the light. At 17 knots only, it was a slow night cruise these vessels took between the two Canadian cities with most passengers bedded down in state rooms while their cars slumbered in the ships' garage. The ships went into service in 1930 and out of it in 1959, and so well within the range of Horace Sykes snapping. Sometimes they were used on the Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle triangle run where Horace is most likely to have found one or the other of them in the light. The system of British Columbia ferries replaced them. After 1960 they gave their leisurely service in the Mediterranean.

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