Our Daily Sykes #198 – Tis The Season Somewhere

When I was given the Sykes collection long long ago mixed in with Horace's work were a few slides that were not typical of his Kodachrome patina, his passive register, his lens. Later I detemined that some of these were by a Seattle photographer named Bradley. This unnamed Christmas interior may be a Bradley, and yet it may be a Sykes. The emptiness of direct human presense is Sykean. But is the stuff sold here too late for Sykes. Almost certainly this is either the Bon or Frederick and Nelsons. But in the 50s or 60s? (Click to Enlarge)

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    The frango’s seal it for place! But how confident are you that the pink lights your mother loved so were limited to the 70s – or even 60s. Horace Sykes passed in the mid 50s. In two days when we come to his 200th “daily sykes” we will have actually put up many more than 200 of his Kodachromes, having shown multiples often enough. If your hunch holds we will attribute this to Bradley – but wait! It may also have been Lawton Gowey who took the picture. Gowey was a friend to both Bradley and Sykes and the person who gave me the collection – and much else in the way of historical images. But for now Blue think more of pink. I wish I had a box of Frango’s beside me now. Paul

  2. Hey Paul!
    I think it must be a Bradley or Sykes because of the size or the lights as well. The smaller lights came out much later. I will pole the family. I’m pretty sure my dad still has a set or two of the pink.

  3. I have a photo I took December 1978 but it’s black & white so I can’t see the color of the lights. I’ve been looking around at photos trying to decide which downtown Seattle store it was and I think I’ve decided it’s Frederick & Nelson because it has round pillars instead of square (which it appears the Bon Marche had. But if I can find that unique clock in other photos, it would cinch it for me. Have you seen this clock? http://www.flickr.com/photos/22723909@N03/9277902136/

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