Our Daily Sykes #296 – Return to the Grand Tetons

We return with Horace to the Grant Tetons to make a by now didactic point.  This naturalist photographer could not leave it like we saw it with Our Daily Sykes #290 (printed again just below) with nothing growing in the foreground but also felt a pull no doubt to this beach flora and used it, like we have shown many times through now 296 of Sykes subjects, in a foreground given to those smaller – or small by comparison – growing things that were his other enduring interest or devotion.  It is still morning in the Tetons but the mountains are not reflecting now on Jackson Lake.   Hold on! It is silly if predictable that I gave a narrative to these two recordings, that I put the first one shown here first for Horace too.  He might have just as well taken the top photo first and then chased the mountain reflections in the lake.

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