Our Daily Sykes #311 – "Nine Bells All Is Well"

Horace Sykes took at least three slides of this river boat by moonlight, and he titled two of them.  One rambles “The River Boat.  Yakima River.  Yakima Camera Club, L9-5.”  The code at the end may have related to its place in a club exhibit.  References to the Yakima Club come up in the Sykes collection a few times, but so far none to the Seattle Camera Club.  One of the three impressions has no caption, and the other has it,  “Nine Bells All Is Well.”  Tomorrow as time allows I’ll attempt to name the boat.  (Click TWICE to Enlarge)

One thought on “Our Daily Sykes #311 – "Nine Bells All Is Well"”

  1. Beautiful picture but the phrase “Nine Bells” caught my eye. A ships bell strikes one to eight times, on the half hour. Only a landlubber’s clock would strike nine bells.

    I’m certainly willing to forgive Mr. Sykes on this one in exchange for his wonderful and wide ranging photos. And it could very well be some reference with which I am unfamiliar.

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