Paris chronicle #17 SEATTLE

I came to Seattle for the opening of our show Seattle -Paris NOW & THEN  at the MOHAI. Here are a few highlights of my visit I shared with Jean Sherrard, Paul Dorpat, family and friends…

Seattle from Queen Anne Hill

These tulip fields are to the North of Seattle, it looks like Holland with mountains.

From Space Needle, foreigners understand Seattle topologyThe oysters from Pacifique ocean have such a mild taste, they are so big and so delicate!Virgin nature and huge landscape of Whidbey island…Back to Seattle, french breakfast with the students of Hillside who learn frenchWe can’t imagine such huge bridges in Paris !A Thursday of each month, there is the Art Walk in Pioneer Square

John Owen and Leslie Braly offered me a marvelous concert, I would like them to come to Paris

The show at the MOHAI will last until June 3, 2012To take photos for the repeats, Jean uses such a huge pole I have never seen before! Such a mysterious architecture, I am wondering what is inside…It happens that men wear more sophisticated shoes than womenMarvelous concert at Pike Place market,  just a moment in time  at the first Starbucks of the world


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