Our Daily Sykes #337 – Over Lummi

Here Horace is on top of Orcas Island’s Mt. Constitution and looking east over Rosario Strait to Bellingham Bay beyond the long interrupting strand of Lummi Island.   When I first scanned this slide I imagined that it was somewhere in the Inside Passage between Vancouver Island and British Columbia.  The revelation of what it is came with only a little reflection, for I spent four months looking back across these waters from the west shore of Lummi Island in the winter-spring of 1971.   I rented a fishermen’s shack above the beach, far right, and from the window made several film time-lapses of the weather coming over Orcas Island towards me or rushing back and forth through Rosario Strait.  The little islands nearer the east shore of Orcas do not look so small from Syke’s prospect.  They are, first at the bottom, Barnes Island and above it Clarke Island.  In the months that I lived on Lummi Island I worked on a film script with a working title Sky River Rock Fire.  It is now, at last, the next “big project” I want to return to and hopefully complete – once I am finished with “Keep Clam,” the Ivar biography.  Sky River, many will know, was the name we gave the first three-day outdoor festival produced and played in a natural setting and not a prepared venue.  The first Sky River – in 1968 – was held on Betty Nelson’s Strawberry Farm near the town of Sultan, on Highway 2 to Stevens Pass.  It will surely be a great recreation to return to the footage shot at that festival and several more and at last complete a film about it all.  However, the film I took looking toward Orcas from my island home will not be useful.  The laboratory had an accident with it and it came back to me very splotchy like seaweed seen through clouded water.

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