Our Daily Sykes #341 – Suitable for Arizona Highways

I believe that with some former early Daily Sykes  I mentioned my father’s subscription to the glossy color-saturated monthly clay-paper periodical “Arizona Highways.”   There might just as well be a “Utah Highways” but there is not.  This subject is almost certainly recorded during an early Sykes visit to one or the other state.  I describe it as “early” because of the car included a ways up the road.  We have seen it before, and it is manufactured earlier than Sykes swept fender Chevy, which we see more often.   Here Horace has had to walk back to repeat the composition he probably first noticed through his windshield.  The curve in the road is important to the total effect – it repeats the curves in the sculpted rocks across the highway, rocks that are nearly as designed as the highway. [Click to Enlarge]

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