Our Daily Sykes #356 – Periled Madrone

This was found recently among the Kodachrome slides by Horace Sykes that live in a two-top slide box. It is, I think, the last of the Sykes collection for me to carefully step through for all of the slides therein are mounted in glass, which while protecting the film for the last sixty-plus years has also trapped the dust that was captured when Horace did the mounting at home. But it is easy enough to free the film and give the slides new and exposed frames, which is what I do. I think that this is most likely a scene in Discovery Park, which in Horace’s time was still thought of and called Fort Lawton. Horace lived close-by on Bertona Lane, a few feet above the water. Earlier today I sent this scan to Dan Kerlee, a friend who also lives in Magnolia, but up on the bluff not below it. Dan and I chatted about the characterists of Madrones (Arbutus menziesii) the last time we visited, and he made a point about their talent for clinging to exposed places. And so I wonder, of course, does this Madrone survive still on the edge of Magnolia? In sending this image to Dan I hoped that he would do the exploring. He lives but a little distance to the south on Magnolia Boulevard West and it would be good exercise for one who each year typically gives one summer month to hiking in the mountains. [Click to Enlarge]

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