Our Daily Sykes #357 – Alkali & Lenore Lakes

About half way between Coulee City and the town of Soap Lake (at the south end of Soap Lake) on state Highway 17 is an isthmus carved by the same forces that made the Grand Coulee but also aided by the Washington State Highway Department. One mile long, it resembles a sunning crocodile and separates Alkali Lake - to the east and left - from Lenore Lake. Lenore is the larger lake, about six miles long, and twelve feet lower than its about two mile long neighbor. For his look south (and a little east) from the north end of Lenore Lake Horace got off the highway and took a gravel road (it is in the picture) to the base of the cliff along the west wall of the coulee. From there he recorded this good look across the dividing wall of land - and the highway is there if you look for it - to the cliffs on the east side of the coulee. There at the end of an improved trail one will find the Lenore Caves. (Click to Enlarge)

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