Our Nearly Daily Sykes #487 – Still Unexplored "le Groupe Massif"

There is, I'm confident, a term borrowed from the French - who rarely see them - for the kind of mountains that group together on a high plateau and take relatively little space. These appear often in the high country of Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada, but rarely in the coastal states and never in Kansas. A good example is Mt. San Francisco north of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. You can drive around that "grouping" - perhaps "le Groupe Massif" - in an hour or nearly. But it is a bad example too, for included in that clump is the highest peak in Arizona, although because it rests on country that is already high you can walk to the top if you are anywhere near your prime and/or fit. On this horizon is another example, one I have tried to identify but so far failed. Perhaps it will be familiar to a reader with greater topographic talents than my own. (Click to Enlarge)

One thought on “Our Nearly Daily Sykes #487 – Still Unexplored "le Groupe Massif"”

  1. Really enjoy this pic of Mount Tukuhnikivatz and South Mountain [taken from the South.] With a name like that, how could you lose it?! 🙂

    Position appears to be near the Wilson Arch attraction. Nearest town is the hamlet of LaSal.

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